Bruce Deming, the Bike Lawyer, is an avid cyclist and experienced attorney. He has the experience necessary to skillfully defend your bike accident case.

Bike Accidents

Scaling the Peaks of Justice for Bike Accident Victims
The Virginia area offers a dizzying array of bicycle trails, bike lanes, and bike routes for riders of all stripes, from couriers and competitive riders to recreational riders and bicycle commuters.  In fact, while it is one of the smallest counties in the country, Arlington County alone boasts an impressive 113 mile bicycle network of trails, bike lanes, and bike routes used by professional and pleasure riders alike.

If you have spent any time cycling on area roads and trails, then you know that their convenience and accessibility have a downside: the risk of serious bike accident.  The 45-mile long WO&D trail that stretches from Shirlington to Purcellville sees more bike crashes and injuries than any other area trail, but bike accidents also happen on the C&O towpath, the Capital Crescent trail, the Mount Vernon trail, in Rock Creek Park, on Beach Drive in Washington D.C, and of course anywhere bikers share the road with car and truck drivers.

Bike riders: serious injury, misplaced blame
As a devoted competitive cyclist who rides every day and has been racing road and mountain bikes for the last 25 years, attorney Bruce Deming knows first-hand the risks that riders face day in and day out.  There are a myriad ways that bike riders can be injured.  Bike crashes can lead to everything from serious road rash and equipment damage to brain injury, complex fractures, facial fractures, and other major, debilitating injuries.

What many cyclists don't realize until it happens to them is that law enforcement officials and insurance adjusters often view bikers as second class citizens.  How many times have you been nearly forced off the road by an angry driver anxious to pass?  Despite the fact that the vast majority of bicycle accidents are the fault of an automobile driver or somebody other than the cyclist, bikers are forced to shoulder the blame for the crash and often do not receive fair compensation - if they receive any compensation at all.

Bruce Deming: an avid cyclist representing injured bicycle accident victims
Bruce has been able to combine his enthusiasm for cycling with his work as a personal injury attorney, serving injured cyclists as a passionate and tireless advocate.  When he first began taking bike injury cases, he was shocked to find out how poorly represented injured cyclists were in the Washington DC area and indeed across the country.

Immersing himself in not only the laws, rules and regulations governing bike and vehicle travel but also educating himself about bicycle dynamics and engineering, Mr. Deming has built up a formidable knowledge base.

Bruce takes great pride in the meticulous preparation he performs for each bike accident case, visiting the scene of the crash, interviewing the victim and witnesses, and taking pictures mirroring the time of day and weather conditions of the bike accident.  Through such careful preparation of every case, Mr. Deming lets the insurance company know that he will not rest until his client is fairly compensated for their injuries.

Whether you race professionally or simply ride on weekends for pleasure, if you are injured in a crash Bruce Deming is the "bike lawyer" you want on your side.  Please contact Mr. Deming's Arlington based law office to speak personally with Bruce about how he can make a difference in your bicycle accident case. 

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