Attorney Bruce Deming, the Bike Lawyer, has a proven track record of successfully defending people injured in a bike, motorcycle, and automobile accidents.

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Bruce Deming: The Bike Lawyer

Despite all the advances made in automotive technology and roadway design, far too many in the U.S. are seriously injured or killed in bike, motorcycle, and automobile accidents each year.  As any crash victim can tell you, few things will radically change your life like a serious bicycle, motorcycle, car, or truck accident.

When you have been severely injured in a crash because of somebody else's negligent behavior, you expect justice.  Unfortunately, even in clear cut liability cases, insurance companies will do everything in their power to force a crash victim to settle as quickly as possible for as little as possible. Don’t let that happen to you or a loved one.

Personal Attention, Real Results

One meeting with Bruce Deming, the Bike Lawyer, will convince you that he has the experience and fortitude to give your case the personal attention it deserves and see it through to a successful end. He specializes in bicycle, motorcycle, and automobile accident cases. 

With 30 years of experience and early training as a federal prosecutor on complex billion dollar cases, Mr. Deming prides himself on his meticulous attention to detail and the common sense rapport he establishes with adjusters, witnesses, judges and others involved in the cases he handles. 

Mr. Deming -- a skilled courtroom litigator and experienced negotiator --prepares a detailed investigation of each case.  As a result, he is never caught off-guard and will be ready for your case to be settled, mediated, arbitrated, or tried. 

A true professional as well as an accomplished mountaineer and cyclist, Mr. Deming will treat you with respect and keep you informed every step of the way.

Turning the Odds in Your Favor

Many accident victims who want the unnecessary drama to end so they can get on with their lives succumb to the adjuster's pressure, and agree to a paltry settlement.  This doesn’t have to happen to you.  With a little help from a qualified attorney you can turn the odds in your favor.

There are many qualified accident lawyers in Virginia, Maryland, and DC, and many work in law firms that claim to "specialize" in accident cases.  Unfortunately, all too often what they really specialize in is high volume case turnover.  That means the minute you leave their office you cease being a client to be represented, and become a numbered file to be processed.

Get the attention, representation, and results you or a loved one deserve. Call Bruce Deming today toll free at 866-374-1191 for a free consultation.

Proudly representing personal injury clients in: Arlington County, Fairfax County, Alexandria City, Loudoun County, Prince William County, Reston, Vienna, the State of Maryland, Washington D.C. and all across the Commonwealth of Virginia


Bike Accidents

Injured cyclists often feel they can’t find the kind of legal help they need after an accident. Many attorneys will accept bicycle accident cases but lack the experience and knowledge to thoroughly investigate and properly represent a bike accident case. However, Virginia bike riders are in luck: an avid cyclist himself, attorney Bruce Deming, the Bike Lawyer, has both the personal and legal experience necessary to skillfully defend your bike injury case. Please contact Mr. Deming’s Arlington office to discuss your case with him and find out the difference that a knowledgeable lawyer can make.

Virginia Auto Accidents

Finding an attorney to represent you after a serious automobile accident can be a challenge for Northern Virginia auto accident victims. Rather than end up with multiple frustrations (debilitating injury, insurance games, and insufficient compensation) contact the Arlington based practice of Bruce Deming. A skilled litigator with over 26 years of experience, Bruce has chosen to focus his practice on representing seriously injured men, women, and children from Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria, Loudoun, Prince William and other cities and counties across Virginia.

Virginia Motorcycle Accidents

After a serious Virginia motorcycle accident, it is in your best interest to hire an attorney who is knowledgeable about motorcycle riding and dynamics, versed in the relevant traffic laws and familiar with the prejudices facing injured riders. Arlington based Bruce Deming is that lawyer, and one conversation with Mr. Deming will convince you that he is the right attorney for your case. Don’t take your chances with a run-of-the-mill personal injury law firm. Take the first step towards securing fair and meaningful compensation by contacting Bruce Deming at 703-528-4669.

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